CorrBoard UK a Reality

In late September 2012, the rumour mill went into overdrive when we exclusively published a statement from Corrugated Synergies International, Inc., the Seattle, USbased specialists in sheet feeding and corrugated operations, confirmed the set-up of a sheet feeding plant located in the UK.

At the time, the company stated that, “The timing is right for a new entrant into UK sheet feeding, bringing an independent alternative and extending capacity in a relatively tight market.”

A New Independent Sheet Feeder in the United Kingdom

The speculation that followed was worthy of its own gossip column in the tabloid press! Who was involved; who was funding it; where would they build; what machine would they buy; who would be in charge; would it even get o the ground. All the naysayers are now silenced. The site is up and running and the impressive 2.8m duplex corrugator is producing board – and plenty of it.

CSI’s business model is one of pulling together progressive, like-minded sheet plant owners who can not individually justify their own corrugator. The model has worked very well in the Americas, many times over.
CSI’s industry experience over the last three decades or so, extends to the establishment of nine sheet-feeder operations throughout the US and Canada. In addition, a sheet feeder in Mexico went live recently, three major full-line corrugator equipped box plants have been established as far afield as Chile, along with sheet plant and other existing plant improvements, all on behalf of clients worldwide. This represents a total of 15 full line corrugators as well as multiple upgrades to existing machines.

For further information please download the following article: CorrBoard-UKArticle1.pdf